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Perforation Gauges

PERFOtronic 2, The Optic-Electronic Perforation Gauge
and Perfometer and CD Software

The new PERFOtronic! Now fully electronic!
Displays the perforation value in a fraction of a second.

SAFE PERFOtronic 2 110V perfotronic & 220V perfotronic

Now displays perforation in 1/4 increments AND 1/10 or 1/100 increments.

SAFE PERFOtronic 2

Now displays perforation in 1/4 increments AND
1/10 or 1/100 increments.

SAFE PERFOtronic 2

Your valuables brought to light

Do you own undiscovered values?
Two seemingly identical stamps - except for a difference in perforation value: perf. 13.25 or 13.5?, $10 or $2,500? Do you own an undiscovered rarity? The PERFOtronic will bring it to light.

Uncertain in measuring the perforations?
Familiar with the following situation? You torture yourself with inaccurate and therefore unsuitable measuring devices. The measuring points begin to "dance" before your eyes. Even the experienced hand and trained eye fail to overcome the last doubt about the true value of a particular perf. The term "stamp perfs" sends up a red flag even to professionals. But not anymore . . . now that the PERFOtronic has appeared.

Do you have high demands?
Todays computer age puts higher and higher demands on man and technology. Even professional sports forego centimeters and seconds, preferring electronic measuring in hundredths or thousandths of seconds. It is no surprise then that even in the collecting and hobby fields the same requirement for better and more precise equipment is expected.

We will fulfill them!
Beginning in the 80's we developed the first worldwide testing instrument for watermarks, the Signoscope.
Now we bring you another world's first: The PERFOtronic, the precision measuring device for checking perforations.

Discover hidden values the easy way!
There is no easier, more accurate, precise, or more effective way of discovering hidden values. Even when swapping or selling your better stamps, the PERFOtronic prepares you for any surprise or costly mistakes. The PERFOtronic will pay for itself before you know it, while having fun in the process. Add a new dimension to your favorite hobby, with SAFE and the PERFOtronic.

The PERFOtronic automatically measures by rounding up or down to the next 1/4 perforation shown in stamp catalogs. The processor of the unit is able to calculate around missing perforations or perforation mistakes.

bulletLegally imported with instructions in English
bulletMeasures the perforation value within a fraction of a second with the help of light sensors
bulletNothing touches your stamp, therefore no damage possible
bulletAccurate to 1/1000 mm
bulletDisplays in 1/4 increments, i.e. 14.25,14.5, 14.75, 15, etc.
bulletOperates on an AC adapter with 12 Volt DC output (supplied)
bulletUse on regular or large stamps, coils and stamps with margins
bulletMaintenance free
bulletSize: 7-1/2"x 5-1/2" x 2-1/2" High
Description Part # Price Buy Now
SAFE PERFOtronic 2 (110V-USA) with AC Adapter 9850SP MSRP $ 699.95
Our Price $ 625.95


PERFOmeter - handy and portable!

SAFE PERFOmeter perfometer

SAFE PERFOmeter perfometer


On your way to an auction or stamp show - don't forget your Perfometer!

This perforation gauge for single stamps and stamps on covers or postcards, provides 28 different perforation measurements. Each gauge is 30 mm long and many are in 1/4" increments. Very easy to use and is only 7 inches in diameter!

No. 9820 - Perfometer
MSRP $ 44.95 - Our Price $39.95


SAFE PERFOmeter 9820 $ 39.95


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